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Tiny Home Services

Get Fitted Out

Wildly Australia offers fit-out services for tiny home owners and off-grid lifestyles. We can consult and quote on small to medium sized fit-outs, cabinet making, and restyling.

Our speciality is ‘bespoke’,  and we take pride in the design and construction of bespoke timber cabinetry for bedrooms, kitchens and living spaces. We make use of a range of materials, both new and recycled, and have used timbers in our work such as Oregon, cedar, Tasmanian oak, Baltic pine, and more.

Throughout a fitout we will communicate with you along the way, and provide you with a webpage available only to you showing progress gallery images.


Tiny Home Fitouts


All of our cabinetry is custom and hand made from timber, both new and recycled. Cabinet pieces are designed alongside the client to their specifications.
Prior to construction each cabinet is drafted in a 3D Modelling program for clients to review, with colours being selected from a palette of paints and/or stains,
Cabinet hardware is varied from the exotic to the simple.

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Interior Design

Working alongside our clients we design an interior layout for cabinets, fixtures, and discuss colour schemes and design themes.
Our interior design is focussed on comfortable, homely spaces that are inviting and aesthetically pleasing.
Each interior design is first drafted in a 3D modelling program for a clients review/

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So you have your tiny home finished and fitted out, but has it been stocked with all the day to day items we use in our homes?
In partnership with Rustick we can fit-out and stock a tiny home with all the necessary items that a home needs, meaning the only thing you need to bring are your clothes and food. Everything else is already supplied!

What We Do...

  • Kitchen cabinets

    Including including carcasses and countertops, drawers, sink installations and more

  • Bathroom Cabinetry

    Bathroom cabinets include vanities, storage racks, shelving and laundry cabinets. We also fit sinks and more.

  • Bedroom and Living Room Furniture

    Whether its a new bed or bedside table, dressers, or coffee tables, we do all of this and more.

  • Lighting

    The installation of custom Pendant Lighting Beams. Sourced from Oregon and other timbers and then styled and installed

  • Ceiling Installation

    We specialise in custom ceiling makeovers, from herringbone designs to patterned ceilings all from natural and engineered timbers.

  • Laminate and Hardwood Flooring

    Looking for a new floor for your tiny home? We can assist with the supply an installation of both natural hardwood floors and laminate timber flooring.