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Wildly Australia

Designing Your Campervan

In the Beginning...

The journey from purchasing a fresh or second-hand van through to the stage when you’re spending your first nights camped in your new home is a long one. But it doesn’t have to be an arduous journey.

At Wildly Australia we specialise in tailored, bespoke vans that meet industry standards, and that are designed to feel homely and yet maintain efficiency. Our conversions are thematically designed, with each conversion intended to be a one-off unique property on wheels.

The first stage for every campervan conversion is the consultation, following which is the design and development of a layout. From there materials are selected to meet a particular style and theme.

And once this has all been decided upon and prepared the build commences.

We’ve prepared this page to give you an idea on what we do, and what we use in our conversions. We’ve also included a few sample 3D models of designs that we’ve brought to life.


(Kitchen cabinet under construction)

Process and Style

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Consultation and Design

The first step of our journey is the consultation. Here we discuss your needs, your wants, we consider how many travellers will there be, are there any pets to consider and so forth.

This stage is critical to establish what needs to be included, what ideas and accessories are optional, and how we can implement them in your build.

From here we establish our build design and develop a 3D model for viewing before move onto style.

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As we specialise in bespoke fitouts, Wildly Australia primarily works in timber for the bulk of all our cabinetry. We want our designs and builds to feel genuine and give a true sense of being in a home away from home.

As such we use new and recycled timbers, genuine timber laminate floorboards and a range of tile products for splashbacks. Cabinetry hardware can be unique and exotic, or simple and plain. Timber cabinetry can be rustic in character, stained, oiled or varnished, or it can be professionally sprayed.

Style here is key, and themes such as country cottages, French provincial, Mediterranean villa, or even Moroccan riad can be used to form the base style for the build.


Once our design has been finalised, the style and theme have been established then the build commences.

Build-time for conversions will vary, with complex builds taking a longer amount of time. What is really important to us is that the conversion that you receive is professionally finished, meets industry standards, is efficient and reliable, and ultimately cost effective.

Sample Designs

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Sample Fiat Ducato Design

Above is a sample design tailored for a Fiat Ducato LWB.

Sample Mercedes Sprinter Design

Above is a sample design tailored for a Mercedes Sprinter LWB.

Sample Renault Trafic Design

Above is a sample design tailored for a Renault Trafic LWB.